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Rebuild worries 馃槦

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Hello all I'm new to this forum had my 2013 250se for about 6 months now and she feels solid but the high hours is concerning me 358 hours on the clock, how will I know if the engine needs work ?? Like I said there's no issues at the min no worries hot starting no smoke nothing, cheers
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Do you have any knowledge of any engine work done by previous owner ?

My understanding is about 350 to 400 hours is max on a 4 stroke trail bike piston ridden easy.
I saw 2 pistons and it refers to engine serial number.
I would talk to previous owner if you can to see if it has been done.
If not take your time doing it .
Clean engine before disassembly.
Do it in a clean organized way.
Research sherco manuals.
Inspect cylinder. It might need to be replated if so send new piston so they can match bore to piston.
Definitely replace all cly. head valves. And the retainers and springs and seals.

Reason is if it breaks a valve due to fatigue it destroys the engine.
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